Go-green studies: Palm Leaf

Updated: Jul 12

Have you ever noticed the beauty of changes in nature? From being green like a spring bloom to golden brown like a fallen leaf.

The journey in observing beauty in changing color starts with one kind of leaf, namely ‘Palm leaf.’ We discover its change through a process where we let the time run by. The process where we let it dry by nature and were surprised with a consequence, from huge green leaves that curve in a beautiful line like a dancing carpet to a golden brown carpet that looks classic and brings back the mood of something new. Rather than let it dry and throw it in the bin. We decide to use a dry palm leaf to create new arrangements in the form of creative installation. With this, we found interesting natural material that is sustainable and functional. Besides, this palm leaf can involve in creating another chapter of our Gogreen concept.

In conclusion, while a journey of natural material is written in our communities, a story of palm leaf begins.

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